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Business Management Coaching


Business coaching is increasingly recognized as one of the most effective ways to create dynamic organizations with dynamic and focused leaders.

Coaching is for those individuals who want someone to share ideas and frustrations with, someone to help them work through issues and develop solutions – someone who can help them access the tools to success.

Many Fortune 500 companies provide coaching services at multiple management levels. These companies report increased sales and profits, growth in market share and improved executive satisfaction when executive coaches are used.


Management Coaching VS Consulting:


One of the first questions that people ask is, “What is the difference between coaching, consulting and mentoring?”

The key to understanding which of the three improvement processes is right for you and your organization is to understand the difference.


Management Coaching:


The management coaching process is focused on the individual and their ability to achieve a single goal or set of goals.

 A coach looks at the individual in relationship to their personal development, how they function in their position, goal setting, ability to achieve the desired

results, and their ability to manage change in their professional life. Coaching is best for when the focus is on change, goal attainment, and personal development.

Management coaching concentrates on you actually implementing and executing the goals your have for yourself, your business and your life.

The Coaching process focus on providing knowledge, understanding, and direction to help an individual improve their effectiveness and knowledge in a relatively short period of time. This is accomplished by guiding them throw processes and methods needed to accomplish a goal or the mastery of a leadership position.



The consulting process is typically used when you know something is wrong with your organization and you need an expert to come in and help you fix it. Consulting processes rarely affect your personal development but instead fill a need lacking in your organization. Examples include:

  • •  Find new markets
  • •  Developing sales process
  • •  Improving profitability


Core Concepts Business Consulting provides coaching services to both new and experienced managers and executives.


All of our coaches have strong backgrounds in business improvement consulting and thrive on the opportunity to use those skills to coach individuals and teams.

Our coaches combine their experience in managing change and leading organizations with a practical approach to help managers and executives

methodically change behaviors and improve their performance. Our coaching services have spanned all manager and executive levels, many functional areas,

and multiple industries :


  • • Personal Productivity and Organization
  • • Communication
  • • Decision Making
  • • Performance Management
  • • Customer Service
  • • Conflict Management
  • • Project Management
  • • Business Improvement Planning and Implementation
  • • Change Management
  • • Sales Management


We deliver coaching using an approach that is both motivating and effective in helping managers make lasting changes in their


The most effective application of our services is when we are engaged to work with an entire team simultaneously.

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