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We believe that a true candidate-to-organization match happens when a candidate, or employee, has the right combination of capacity, capability and culture fit to succeed within your organization. Capacity uncovers the innate talents, or reach and drive, a person is born with. Capability defines their acquired skills, education, background and experience, and culture fit discovers how well they fit within the walls of your organization.


When these three components are measured independently and stacked up against the unique drivers of your organization, it leads to the most accurate prediction possible.


Putting the right employees in the right positions. Building successful teams with dynamic capabilities. Leading and managing them with the best style of direction and communication, and learning to evaluate personnel performance constructively, these are all vital activities of effective leadership and challenges Core Concepts Consulting and our partner, 360 Solutions LLC, can equip you to successfully accomplish.


From specific job skill testing to advanced behavioral analysis, our employee assessment programs can help you evaluate the critical abilities of individuals and provide measurable criteria to predict their job performance and leadership potential. Giving you a valuable sense of their skill and talent before you put them in a real-life work environment.


Some of the leadership competencies our state-of-the-art assessment system measures are:

  • • Communication
  • • Adaptability
  • • Task Management
  • • Leadership
  • • Relationships
  • • Production
  • • Personal Development


These valuable insights provide a wealth of actionable information to help managers and employees work together more effectively and build stronger relationships that produce greater rewards for the individuals as well as the organization.


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